Homemade quality since 1986

artisanaleIt all started in 1986. Herman Roobroeck and Pasca Smet – qualified chefs with the necessary experience in the hotel and restaurant sector and faithful supporters of the homemade character of food – decided to start up a catering business in the heart of Ostend. In the beginning they offered a broad range of homemade dishes, including a number of desserts. After a while the local supermarket UNIC asked whether it was possible to deliver fresh chocolate mousse. At the end of 1988 Herman and Pasca were the suppliers of no less than around fifteen UNIC supermarkets in the Ostend region. In 1989 Delhaize became a customer as well and after that, the product range was substantially developed. During the nineties the number of points of sale kept on growing steadily. The product selection was extended according to the trends of that time: white chocolate mousse, coffee mousse, tiramisu, caramelised biscuit mousse,...

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Modern equipment

Herman Desserts moderne productie eenheid te OostendeThe fully automatic production lines of Herman Desserts ensure constant quality and a high profitability, thanks to which we are able to offer our products at competitive prices. The production is monitored by a well-trained team. Moreover, all the products are hermetically sealed, which guarantees an optimal preservation.

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Our products have to meet the highest quality standards

Herman Desserts holds the BRC A label certificate. BRC is an inspection protocol designed by supermarkets and comprises the standards that a supplier has to comply with. The original name of the certificate was British Retail Consortium, but nowadays it is called BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. The BRC requires that a quality system is present, that HACCP is implemented and that the surroundings, the product, the process and the staff are incorporated in this system.

IFS FOOF certificaat



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Only the purest ingredients, you can taste it!

HOMEMADE RECIPEThe basis for the divine taste of the Herman Desserts are high-quality materials. This is why we only use the best ingredients with an excellent price/quality ratio.
Our products are free of any colouring agents, preservatives or additives. We work with a base of pure Belgian chocolate with 100% cocoa butter, real cream, undiluted egg white and egg yolk. In short, solid and healthy ingredients as you would use yourself in your own kitchen.



Only pure Belgian chocolate

ingredienten(Unfortunately) a European directive was drawn up in 2000 which stipulates that even when manufacturers replace 5% of cocoa butter by other vegetable fats such as shea butter they are still allowed to use the term “chocolate”! Luckily genuine artisans like Herman Desserts, who try to uphold the Belgian chocolate tradition, do not make use of this opportunity.

Our fully automatic production lines

Constant quality and a high profitability at competitive prices!

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Our customers

Large customers have faith in our products, day after day!

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